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  • JonSnow1992 (21C/Etobicoke, ON)


    A trip to the movies - I love the cinema, and I want to date someone who loves movies too!

  • I met her at her place and it was so sweet i was little bit shy bt i realise that love refuses fair and we watch romatic movie uhm... Aow now i remembr the name of that movie "love does not cause a thing" eish a brillian  more>>

  • wwwweeee (43C/Australian Capital Territory)


    First date can be completely up to you

  • sonicman (25C/Birmingham, England - West Midlands)


    My first would be few drinks a meal an nice walk along da river bank

  • ErnieY (19C/Norwalk, CT)


    Go out have some dinner , go see a movie and enjoy the night together

  • Anal_Scrubs (18C/Franklin, MI)


    Go to the movies or just hang out and watch some Netflix. Movies are great and I love watching them with fun people :)

  • Dirtbike_alan (22C/Philadelphia, PA)


    Don't really matter I'm pretty much all In for anything

  • Mastanes (19C/Versailles, Ile-de-France)


    Go to cinema, and more of you Want

  • biggerpeanuts (37C/Wyoming, MI)


    I wood take than to a nice place for dinner and go shopping

  • thefuture5 (18C/Dania, FL)


    I like sports or movies. Just something you enjoy. I'm pretty versatile.

  • Collegeswagboy1 (27C/Chicago, IL)


    No what I'll let u pick cause u deserve where u want to go that's the type of guy I am even tho it's our first time meeting

  • First Idea is to chat the meet later of time then start a relationship

  • MidwestMary (47C/Pierce, NE)


    My idea first date would be going out for pizza then a movie. Then go for a walk and talk and get to know each other.

  • manny19 (35C/San Bernardino, CA)


    Something small maybe drive in or some where we can talk in private to get to know eachother a little better with out inturruptions.

  • Movies and drinks possibly maybe come back to my house or yours??