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  • loveandcare (52C/Houston, TX)


    I would like to meet for a walk in the park at dusk, talk and see if we are looking for the same things in life.

  • raypears99 (25C/West Haven, CT)


    If we have a dog maybe meet at a park to walk and talk as the weather gets nice

  • junior40 (27C/Chicago, IL)


    Somewhere where we like and understand ourselfs. Chat about personal ideas, goals, and careers. Places to live or Travel.

  • chevyman89 (36C/Starkville, MS)


    Anything just ss long as its fun and crzy

  • ummwow (19C/Bronx, NY)


    i like basic stuff movie dinner walk in a park or something talk to each other

  • elperron (36C/Burlington, IA)


    My first date would be a walk at the river walk.

  • xcowboyupx (21C/Leon, KS)


    Go horse back riding then have a nice dinner under the stars then talk all night long

  • first impression about how you look like ........ummmmmmmm cloth,clean,smart, tall something like that

  • CatzandCheeze (20C/Los Angeles, CA)


    My idea date is a trip to the zoo.

  • engineer1989 (24C/Eclectic, AL)


    Where ever is fine with me we can load up the horses and hit the trails

  • beatrix (42C/Portland, OR)


    A good, time limited place to interact.

  • reddawg81 (36C/Vine Grove, KY)


    Well irdk, its hard to say maybe just meet n greet at a public place..

  • YourNewIrishLove (51C/Huntsville, AL)


    It depends on what mood I'm in. I'm not demanding and I'm pretty easy to please. A quiet coffee shop, game of Scrabble, or putt-putt golf! The point is, we're still getting to know each other, so we need to be comfortabl  more>>

  • lowboy12 (22C/Leesburg, FL)


    Somewhere we can both sit down and talk to get to know each other.

  • Dannyrez59 (48C/New York, NY)


    She was so naughty and pretty,well educated and she's so lovely