Just can't be categorized

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  • morel93 (20C/San Diego, CA)


    Easy breeze, calm waters, mid-70s, endless conversation, you and I, and the feeling that time seeks to exist.

  • We should decide that together . I'm up for anything

  • jjhart (24C/Osceola, AR)


    I don't care? Wherever as long as it fun

  • swiper1023 (18C/Laguna Niguel, CA)


    Can not think of a first date right off the bat. Need to know a little bit more about you so we I can setup the perfect date :)

  • flobee (18C/Joliet, IL)


    I'd love to do just about anything, dinner and movies? Stay in and just cuddle up to each other? I love to do anything.

  • Sergio424 (28C/Atlanta, GA)


    Anywhere where we both can enjoy ourselves.

  • Mr_Virgo (27C/Toledo, OH)


    All that matters for a first date is that we should be able to talk to one another

  • irvnteee (35C/Paramount, CA)


    Dinner and a movie, going out for drinks, anything fun or spontaneous is always fun too

  • hatripper316 (35C/Surprise, AZ)


    Do whatever that she wants to do, but I got to have skills to make it fun for both of us

  • YouknowSeth (20C/Erlanger, KY)


    Don't mind any i like a good wild time

  • ExLineman (53C/Salt Lake City, UT)


    Whenever it is that makes you happy.

  • MsPolls (40C/Billericay, England - Essex)


    Meet... Get along... Get it on.......

  • jsturg (37C/Jonesville, VA)


    Really depends on the person. I'm comfortable out, dinner, a movie, a drive. Or I'm even good with dinner at home and a movie/game. I would prefer something a little mellow and quieter so we could talk and get to know ea  more>>

  • IxSx_Envy (20C/Choctaw, OK)


    My place, your place, my truck, your vehicle, anywhere anytime. ;)

  • action_time (29C/Houston, TX)


    Talking and seeing what we really want and getting to the objective